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Gospel Group

Private Voice Lesson Program

Whether you are a beginner, solo singer, member of a choir, or would like to participate in your school's musical, our private voice lesson program is wonderful for aspiring/developing singers and their individual goals. Our voice program is designed to increase vocal flexibility and range and develop beautiful tone that will last a lifetime. Students will advance musically, learn to sing at sight and train their ear.

Youth – 30/45 minutes; Teenage and Adult – 45/60 minutes

The right age to start music lessons is when the child starts to show an interest in music. Our lessons for children are designed to keep unchanged voices healthy by staying within a child's natural range and lung capacity and focusing on healthy head voice singing, relaxed breathing, appropriate repertoire, music reading skills and ear training.

For young adults to adults, whose vocal cords and lung capacity are more mature, instruction can focus on a more standardized vocal technique. Vocal training can greatly benefit students experiencing challenges such as shyness and stage fright, and help neurodivergent students.


The material used in our sessions is specifically based on age and each student’s particular stage of advancement. Lessons include proper technique instruction, relaxed breathing, posture, and diction/vowel formation, as well as clarity of speech, economy of breath, and proper articulation. Focus on proper breathing technique helps reduce stress and relaxes the performer, developing confidence in both musical performances and other areas (such as public speaking, etc.).

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