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Juried Performances for Academy Students Take Place Twice a Year
Twice each year for one week, our studio has Evaluated Performances for our students. Evaluated Performances provide the opportunity for students, teachers, and parents to receive valuable input regarding student progress on their instrument.

Instead of having their regular lesson, students sign out a specified evaluation date and time on our evaluation schedule sheets (usually found in our waiting room in April and October). For their evaluation, students perform one exercise/warm up, one sight-reading excerpt (optional for some instruments), and one selection of music for a panel of teachers. Teachers then evaluate the student’s performance on a number of factors, such as technical agility and execution, memorization, pitch and rhythmic accuracy, and musicality (dynamics, appropriate tempo) and fill out a student evaluation form with this information.

Students receive a performance certificate immediately after their performance acknowledging their participation and hard work. Completed forms will be given to the student’s teacher the following week, for teachers to review with the student.

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