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Private lessons in Violin, Viola, Cello, and String Bass

At Fox River Academy, we currently offer instructions in violin, viola, cello, and string bass.  Traditional classical training is offered, as well as the Suzuki Method and Folk/Celtic studies. 

Our string program is designed to help advance the student in technique, musicality, theory, sight-reading, and repertoire. The material used in our sessions is specifically based on age and current advancement of the student. Many of our students bring in excerpts and band music that prepare them for their orchestra and band auditions.


The Suzuki Violin Program at Fox River Academy offers a nurturing environment in which student, parent, and teacher work together in developing the musical and technical development of the child. To read more on the Suzuki method please click here


Additionally, there is a weekly group class available for string students that is designed to supplement the student's weekly private lesson, aiding in the development of ensemble skills and nurturing a mutual respect for their fellow musicians.

Recommended session duration:

Youth – 30/45 minutes; Teenage and Adult – 45/60 minutes.

Age to begin string lessons:

We at Fox River Academy welcome students of all ages and all levels into our string program. No previous musical experience is necessary.

In addition to preschool and grade-school age children, we also have many young adults, adults, and seniors in our string program. We offer a supportive learning environment for all students at all levels. Students enjoy participating in our adult recitals, academy recitals, local performance events, and chamber/ensemble classes to enhance their musical experience.

Starting Supplies:

Due to the nature of the instrument, Youth students may need a special sized instrument appropriate for their age and size. Please contact the Academy and/or your instructor before obtaining an instrument for your class. Many violin shops offer decent rental programs; please feel free to contact our office for recommendations on local shops.

Austin Violin Shop (Sugar Grove) -

Sapp Violin Shop -

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