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Piano Lesson

Private Lessons: Traditional, Classical, Jazz Piano

The piano is an excellent instrument to start your music education. Private piano sessions involve establishing a solid foundation in rhythm, pitch, ear training, and coordination/technique, as well as keyboard geography and music reading. Consequent sessions continue to expand student repertoire, and further develop improvisational, compositional, and music theory skills. Students will be exposed to a variety of musical styles, and also presented with various music notation and listening media.

Youth – 30/45 minutes; Teenage and Adult – 45/60 minutes


Instruction in piano may begin for students as young as 3 years old. If your young student is not ready to start private lessons, a Preschool Music class is available for students ages 3-6 as an introductory music course of study.

The Fox River Academy welcomes beginner students, transfer students, students with special challenges, pupils preparing for auditions and competitions, adult students, individuals interested in pursuing a music career, students needing assistance with jazz band music, etc. We have a diverse piano staff with years of performance/teaching experience to help individuals develop in many areas of music.

Adult piano lessons are an increasing trend. Whether you had piano lessons as a child, or simply have always wanted to learn to play the piano, you will enjoy studying with our supportive and experienced instructors.

If you do not already have a piano at home, you have several options. The first option is to purchase an acoustic upright piano, baby grand piano, or a full grand piano. You may find them in used or new condition– what you select may depend on your budget and preferences. Our office also has a waiting list where we match students/families with free piano donations (please contact our Academy office if interested).

The second and least expensive option is to purchase an electric keyboard or digital piano. Electronic pianos with 88 weighted keys are preferred; any keyboard with 66 full-size keys or above is OK to start on for the first several months of study. If a student is committed to continuing music study after a quarter or two of lessons, we generally recommend students graduate to either a digital or acoustic full-size piano.

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