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The Fox River Academy and its staff are very proud of the fantastic 450+ students and families that attend our classes each week. Below are some testimonials submitted from our students and their parents.

Our experience at The Fox River Academy of Music and Art has been exceptional. Not only do our children learn a talent, they get to share their music within the outside community events that the school participates in. Not just a once-a-year recital. Music with a purpose!

~ Lisa M. and family

Fox River Academy has helped our children gain the knowledge and skill to play and sing a variety of music while providing many performance opportunities.  We truly appreciate the professionalism and caring attitude shown by the exceptional teachers and all the staff members at FRA.

~ Damian and Christine E.

We are so pleased with the progress and success our son has gained while attending Fox River Academy. I contacted the Academy to inquire if an instructor would be interested in teaching my son Curtis (who has autism) piano lessons. We were pleasantly surprised to sign up with an Academy teacher (Ms. Franny Finstrom), who began teaching Curtis the basics and his first song “Cuckoo”.

Curtis has flourished under the tutelage of Ms. Finstrom and currently, Dr. Shiho Saito whose creativity and expertise have guided him to achieve success with greater challenges. Despite his disability, Curtis has shown exceptional growth and a natural affinity for the piano.

Thank you so much Fox River Academy for accepting the challenge and for your dedication, kindness and professionalism!!!

~ Curtis & Anita J.

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE Fox River Academy and the teachers there. Fox River Academy really cares about kids, and they have a true love of music. Our daughter has been taking piano and voice lessons for a few years, and I am thrilled that she has such excellent role models.

Two teachers stand out; Karen (piano) and Kirsten (voice) have had such a positive impact on our daughter. Kirsten and Karen have given our daughter more than just music lessons. They’ve given her courage and inner strength to stand alone and perform. We will be forever grateful.

~ Laura S.

Fox River Academy has provided opportunities for our son that are not available anywhere else. He is able to participate in as much or as little as he wants, meet new friends and gain a wealth of knowledge from them. The staff is excellent. They are very professional and also very personable. We feel very lucky to be a part of the academy family!

~ Christine M.

Our children have grown so much through the programs at Fox River Academy. Olivia’s voice lessons have helped her to gain confidence at such a crucial age, and Nicholas’ piano lessons have helped him realize how proud he can be of his accomplishments. The staff is outstanding and honestly cares for the students both in and out of the academy.

~ Leanne P.

I like going to Fox River Academy because you get to go to theory class, and I like performing songs like Star Wars on the piano. I really like my teachers Dr. Shiho and Miss Ellen because they’re very nice.

~ Jack S. (age 6)

I love having lessons at The Fox River Academy. It inspires me to go there. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting. The teachers are truly sincere, friendly, and kind.
It’s an honor being a student there!

~ Mandi R. (adult student)

Fox River Academy has changed my son’s life. He was interested in guitar but had never played. I called the academy and they had him come in for a couple of lessons with Ron, after the first he was hooked. He has now been playing for two years and it’s amazing. 

Ron, besides being a wonderful teacher, is a true mentor and friend to my son. I cannot say enough about our experience with FRAMA, but we are thankful for them and the talent that they have in teaching. I would recommend FRAMA any day of the week. 

My son plays his guitar at different venues and every time I hear him along with the other students, I am always so proud that we are part of this academy!

~ Sue T.

My son, Matthew, completed his first session of Mini-Musicians today. For the past two months, my three-year-old has been singing and clapping around the house. He eagerly sings the songs he has learned for our family and friends. 

Matthew has always had an affinity for music, but these classes have built on his enthusiasm. (We’re particularly thrilled that Matthew has finally learned to use his whisper voice.) He even recognized “Carnival of the Animals” at a concert we attended at Northwestern University. His teacher played parts of it for him during one of his classes, and Matthew remembered it! 

Thank you for this program. Matthew loved the class. We’re looking forward to the second session.

~ Libby W.

Dear (Teacher)–  I am so grateful you are teaching my kids. You have been such a positive influence in my daughter’s attitude towards music. She has a pretty hectic schedule with school and sports and was ready to quit piano before we started at Fox River Academy.

You have completely changed her attitude and have motivated her. She now loves to play and has told me many times she loves taking lessons here. Thank You!

~ Ed S.

My daughter (age 8) and I have been taking lessons (guitar, voice and piano) for several years.  The Academy’s teachers are highly skilled, as well as highly personable…they are great at tailoring the lessons to the age and experience of the student, making learning fun.

~ Cheryl F.

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