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"Creativity is intelligence having fun"


The Fox River Academy’s ART CLASSES are designed to promote a “creative-based” atmosphere, emphasizing introduction and practice in techniques, historical and cultural references and media, allowing the student to find and explore their own artistic interpretations.

We offer classes for Preschoolers, Youth, Young Adults, Teens, Adults and Seniors too. And we maintain a cap on the number of participants, which creates a “semi-private” instructional atmosphere. Periodically, we will host Open Art sessions throughout the community.

Our art programs are quite diversified and the best way to try something with support. Through classes students of all ages have the opportunity to practice acrylic painting, sculpting, drawing, shading, water color and more with a complete variety of mediums - clay, textiles, acrylic paints, glass, yarn, fabrics, mixed media and more.   Learn more...


Here are some of the programs offered throughout the year:

• Acrylic Painting

• Clay Sculpting & Modeling

• Drawing & Shading

• Water Color

• Mixed Media Art

green paint
pink paint

Be sure to participate - spectator or competitor - in one of the area’s largest art exhibitions held at the Oswego Chamber HOMETOWN EXPO each year. The competition showcases over 300 works of art by amateur artists ages 5 through adult from Oswego, Yorkville, Montgomery and other area towns. The exhibition showcases a variety of media in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms and is judged by area professional artists. Learn more...

Quite often you will find us at the center of any community event leading willing participants through an art form to create a community art piece that will eventually be on display throughout the downtown or in area parks, city properties, etc. It is amazing to see what together we can create.  Learn more...

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