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guitar lesson

Private Lessons: Acoustic, Classical, Jazz, Electric Guitar

Guitar is one of the most popular instrument choices at the Fox River Academy. We offer lessons in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar. Private guitar lessons center around the proper development of hand position, posture, relaxation for optimal technical execution, and rhythm/pitch. Students learn to sight-read, develop their musical ear, and understand music theory in relation to their instrument.

Recommended session duration:
Youth – 30/45 minutes; Teenage and Adult – 45 minutes/60 minutes.

The Suzuki Music Guitar Program is available for guitar students ages 3 and up

General Information
Age to Begin Guitar Lessons

Instruction in guitar may begin for students as young as 4 to 5 years old. Smaller acoustic guitars with nylon strings are a good place for children (as well as students of other ages) to begin their studies and exploration on the guitar. Nylon-stringed instruments provide less pressure per square inch, making it easier on the student to learn to play, and are easier on the fingertips.

We also have many teenagers and adult students studying in Fox River Academy’s lesson program. Whether you always wanted to play the guitar, or you have an old guitar sitting around the house and have wanted to learn to make music, we welcome students at all levels and ages. Once a student has studied privately for some time, many opportunities exist at our academy for teenagers and adults to participate in various music experiences, such as our Adult Recitals, Guitar Ensembles, Evaluated Performances, Rock Ensemble, etc. Please contact our office for more information.

Many teenagers are often inspired when they hear the power of an amplified electric guitar. If you are a rock music fan, and want to learn to play rock guitar in a group, starting on an electric guitar may be your choice. However, many professionals and adults find it rewarding to learn the basics of guitar using an acoustic guitar.

If you want to learn guitar masterworks or learn a song to sing along to, then an acoustic guitar is probably the best choice for you. There is much overlap between these two, though, and you might even want to learn them both, according to your own individual musical goals. At Fox River Academy, we give you the choice!

Starting Supplies

Due to the nature of the instrument, most young students may need a special sized guitar appropriate for their age and size. we recommend young students to begin on acoustic guitars with nylon strings because steel strings may be too hard for their fingers at first, discouraging them from regular practice.

When shopping for guitars, you may find it overwhelming that there are different varieties of electric guitars and amplifiers, and acoustic guitars with both nylon and steel strings. Please feel free to contact our academy, and our instructors will be able to assist you with recommending a good starting guitar for your lessons.

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