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Comprehensive Theory Program From Early Childhood Through Adult Students

Fox River Academy Theory Classes are available for both Academy and non-Academy students wishing to supplement their musical education. Classes are designed to reinforce students’ understanding on theory concepts learned in private lessons, such as rhythm, note-reading, musical terms, listening, etc. in a fun and comfortable group setting. Curriculum ranges from basic concepts of music theory (ear training, music reading, and notation) to more advanced concepts (key systems, chord theory, style analysis, etc). Theory classes are once a week and last 60 minutes, and the majority of assignments are done in class.

At Fox River Academy, we want to ensure that students are placed in the appropriate theory level that will challenge them and provide the most optimum opportunity to advance in their music learning. Before starting (and at the conclusion of each consecutive quarter), students take a Placement Test specifically designed to assess the appropriate theory level the student should participate in. Students are placed in classes according to their skill level and musical experience.

Sessions are once each week for 60 minutes, and each class focuses on a specific area of music (history, ear-training, note reading, etc.).

Currently enrolled Fox River Academy students receive a special discount, at $70 for each quarter. Theory tuition for non-Academy students is $90 for each quarter. Each quarter contains ten theory sessions.

Instructor: Jordan Knudson
Time: Mondays 5:00-6:00pm
Tuition: $70 current student / $90 non-current student

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